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Your Twin Flame Story Has A Purpose

I see with my life and the spiritual lessons I have gone through in my journey, there are specific themes. Specific Lessons. A purpose. To all the experiences I have had. I used to overlook it and think it is just "life happening" to me. But no, God has purpose to each thing that has occurred and is occurring in your life. I see for me, healing my health and my body has been my life long lesson. So learning how to care for my physical body was the spiritual teaching leading me to learn how to heal. Leading me to Yogananda and Jeff and Shaleia. So I could not ignore or think it's a small thing what I have gone through with my body. That's a big theme in my life, and leads to healing in other places, in relationships, in Life Purpose, (work), friendship, how I eat and live in the world. Each aspect is influenced and learnt in this way. So God clearly used the physical body and health to reach to me. God will use specific themes and incidences, or meanings in your life. So go there. I see I need to take care in these areas more, and to tend to my relationship with God here in health, physical body and wellness. What the world would teach me is oh I cannot master health and physical wellness cause I don't have a "degree" or "certificate" in pursuing it or being mastered at it. Eh no, we will be listening to God directly here. God qualifies you through your life directly, to show you where your mastery lies and where you have gifts to share with the world by being you. So we can let go of these controlling conditions the world yields upon you and just look to God. Look at God in your Life. He has been there the whole time. Showing you, your soul. Showing you, you. It is lovely. :) We will go there now and forever. That is the only thing that counts. Amen.



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