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My Journey~

My spiritual journey began with me healing my physical health throughout my life, and as I made a strong decision to get well and transform myself physically, I found myself travelling to different pilgrimages in India, in search of God, having these profound experiences, in around 2014-15. And while travelling to these sacred lands, I felt there's something more that exists and that I need to find it. There would be this inner feeling of this man that exists who loves me deeply, and I would feel him and I knew that he has to exist. So in 2016, I faced a chronic illness which paused my normal life for a while and during healing my body at this time, I came across Jeff and Shaleia's teachings. This was critical, and as I watched their youtube videos and I really listened to what they had to say. Soon I went in deeper into their work and community as a student after joining their beautiful community on Facebook, Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum, connecting and learning about their teachings and making friends in the community. From healing my blocks to my body/health, releasing my toxic relationship and all the patterns that came with it with my false twin flame and having the privilege and gift of meeting my true twin flame. And to healing deep trauma and patterns with my life purpose. Who I am and how I am created is something I am deeply discovering along the way and it continues to unfold. The work is potent and extremely powerful, it humbles me that we have such Divinity in us and around us.  

The Life of Peace and Divine Love is beyond worth it, and is far from what you would have dreamed of. I am still surprised at what the Creator has actually created for me and my Heaven on Earth. This has been created for you too, claim it with all your heart and commit to living a life of Peace and Love with your One True Love by learning and embodying these teachings. It is the Way. It is the Way to Holy Marriage with your Divine Counterpart, so that you can have your heart's deepest desires come true. God is writing your love story perfectly.

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