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* Indians living in India have a 50% off of the main products of Twin Flames Universe!

A gift from the Gurus: You can reach out to me to claim this invaluable support for yourself.:) 

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Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover Book

Start your journey here with Jeff and Shaleia's book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover".

Subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School

To really to receive and learn the full body of the Divine work, do subscribe to the 300+ hours of recorded classes where Jeff and Shaleia intimately guide their live students to their Harmonious Union and beyond. This eternal teachings is the next level Bhagawad Gita, eternal and eternally giving to your eternal life. I provide free sessions as a referral for your subscription, I offer 3 free sessions for One Class Pass and 5 free sessions for All-Class Pass.

Subscribe to Life Purpose Class

If you are looking to heal your relationship with your gifts and finances, this is the class for you. It is rich with abundance of life purpose/ career/ financial teachings. A very good investment to give to yourself eternally. I offer 3 free sessions to support you as your referral coach for your subscription of Life Purpose Class.

Romance Attraction E- Course

Looking to be magnetic and build eternal romance within yourself and your life? Then this juicy course is it for you. Each Lesson beautifully gives to you and helps you embody romance and beauty in yourself and your Union. I offer 1 free session as your referral for this course.

Dreams Coming True E- Course

This course is so packed with deep powerful lessons for coming into your state of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It is ever-giving 24 Lesson course, it' s a powerful one to keep practicing. I offer 1 free session as your referral coach for this course.

The Everything Package

If you want to go all-in into your Harmonious Union and secure all the teachings, this is the best deal for you. You will receive all the main body work together in this package- Twin Flame Healing Meditations, Toronto Talks Workshop, Romance Attraction, Dreams Coming True, Life Purpose Class, Twin Flame Ascension School All Class Pass, Life Purpose Sermons and Twin Flame Ascension Sermons. I offer 10 free sessions as your referral coach for this package to support you throughout your Twin Flame Union Healing journey.

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