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DM and DF

Yes, you are only one. You are either the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine. Twin Flames are a pair. Something Chrissy shared in our Mind Alignment Process H&W class, that it's natural for attraction to be present between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. And I have been healing about being Divine Feminine. That I only need to be myself. I tried to be my Masculine Twin Flame, and somewhere within me there was this thing that I can be my DM and nothing will happen if I be - him. But this started to repel things that are peaceful to me. So as a child I tried to be a boy, as a way to be valued and feel power. So as I heal here with my Ascension Coach, that eve as I upheave my childhood and it looks like I am physically experiencing that masculinity, its safe to keep releasing it and not be comfortable in it and sit in it. I chose to release it and I am moving towards being my natural Divine Feminine Self. I only needed to claim who I am and my truth as a DF. This brought back so many things that I originally enjoy - like cooking , painting, a lot of relaxation returned and beauty returning. It gave me space to have my peace. There was a sweet surrender there.

So regardless of your physical gender, I encourage you to claim who you are within, whether you are the DM or the DF, choose to be yourself. And embody that. It will bring you peace and joy. This is juicy and attracts your Twin Flame to you. <3


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