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Twin Flame Union fulfils all of your Childhood Dreams.

As you heal with the Mirror Exercise all the blocks your Twin Flame reflects to you, you will see hidden childhood dreams in the corners of your consciousness awaken. It is so precious and can take you by surprise that "Hey! That thing, that thing I used to love to do as a child!" And it would be so subtle that you wouldn't have consciously known that that is something that brought you joy.
One such thing for me is Anime. I didn't realise that Anime is something I really cherished as a child and had stopped drawing them when I was in 3rd grade. I had stopped drawing because I felt I was so different from everyone else, everyone else is so good at studies, maths and science, so I felt I need to "match up" to them and I stopped drawing so I could "concentrate on studies and get good grades" at the end of school. Wow that is a heavy cost to my joy. This actually made me very ill and serious. It just brought stress in every possible way, everyday. Now, as I healed with my Ascension Coach, Carmel, and I saw that Anime is something being brought up to me, it felt nostalgic and I "remembered" my joy and gift again! I began drawing Anime again, and my God the relief and so so so much joy, it's crazy. It brings warm fuzzy feelings to my heart and I am so happy when I draw or watch Anime. It calms me down and brings me my soul nature when I draw or watch them. That is so important. That feeling is so important to your Life Purpose. Because your Life Purpose is your joy. What you enjoy doing and is a gift to all. A whole new level of creativity and joy burst out from within me, and it was joy joy joy. God brings you joy in your Twin Flame Union. It was very soothing to realise that those warm cozy feelings I had as a child are real and important, actually are the most important thing. That I never needed to "take a break" from my joy for studies. In fact every child first needs is joy! Their personal joy in their own heart. And only God knows what brings you true joy. Purifying your consciousness with the Mirror Exercise brings you juicy happiness that only your sweet heart knows in it's depths of depths. Your Twin Flame is that to you.

Go forth towards your joy, my friend!
Love, Revati
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