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True Beauty : Your Authentic Divine Self

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

My biggest lesson has been about beauty in my life. There is a lot of spiritual meaning and weightage here. As long as I remember I would control myself and squeeze myself to fit into the stereotypes of beauty the world and society has dictated to us. The perfect face and perfect proportioned body of the female has been portrayed over and over, and I would be so influenced by that. I would feel not beautiful as a chubby child and I wished the most to look like those "perfect" women, As I healed here over the several years, the Mirror Exercise has purified me, to see clearly with my heart that beauty is about Divinity and purity. The clear seeing of the transparent soul - that is beautiful. Your soul is beautiful. If the soul is expressed, no matter the bodily appearance, it is felt and it shines through. Bright! That brings a lot of relief. Like A LOOOOOOT of relief! Because you can FINALLY , FUCKING FINALLY put down the lust filled filter of the "world" - the empty "pretty" (not - it is very creepy) shell - that may appear beautiful on the outside but you will feel the truth of it in your heart that it is not Divine, not pure. Not Clear. And now to step into God's World. God's World's Beauty makes you breathe, brings you peace - something Jeff shared in our most recent Live Class. That peace naturally beautfies you so perfectly. God knows how to make you beautiful. God knows your Beauty. He knows how to express it through your body, So surrender here, and keep purifying your consciousness. Your spiritual inner work is what makes you beautiful. So now I never betray myself and my peace when I would try to overextend my beauty to the world when it's not time for it to be. I can now only follow my peace and FEEL beautiful, and that it enough and takes care of my outward beauty automatically. This is peace. Peace is beautiful. God is beautiful. Only what is God is beautiful. You can let go of anything else, anything else is just dirt - not real.

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