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This was my happy place and I felt him here. Identifying Core Values.

Updated: May 9, 2023

Everyday I would have a mini adventure on my way to and from my Design college. This is back in 2014 -16. I would have my backpack on and my music plugged in my ears and I would change 3 buses on the way. On each stop there used be a stretch of walk - and then at the last stop - I would walk a little more back home. It was the time when it was the Golden hour and the sun would be shining so beautifully and I had the most enjoyable peaceful time with myself, I was happy to get a quick physical “workout” in that way too lol.

On my way I would get this feeling of love. Of loving a man. It would fill me up. I would come at particular mosques and restaurants at these junctures on my way everyday - that would make feel so peaceful, in that to-be-sunset sky. I loved the peace of travelling and sunrays falling on my face. And the movement of these things together. Sometimes I would stop by to get myself some milk and some little cookie/biscuit treats for myself. It felt cozy. After reaching home, I would get refreshed and after resting bit, it was my time to work out. My favourite time again.

It was my space, no one really knew about this. Except for maybe a few close friends. I didn’t really share it with anyone - because it was so sacred, close to my heart, and personal to me. But this was the practice and love I would give to myself to keep myself healthy and choose beauty. So here I am sharing it and claiming it. Jeff and Shaleia share for you to truly have something you must share it.
After being overweight and “not good looking” most my childhood, I had chosen to love myself and give myself my desire. I deeply desired a healthy fit body and beauty. This was everyday, all day long. Consistent.

One day I put on music as usual and began stepping on my yoga mat, Youtube started playing the song “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain - I hadn’t heard it before and I had pause and watch the video - it was a man’s silhouette - and she loving him and from that point on I replayed that song numerous times. I felt the man in my heart again who I would feel on my walks in the sun. I would feel him when I am doing my asanas on my yoga mat, or just doing some workout routines I had learnt over the years. Little did I know that this was me feeling my Twin Flame. That good feeling. That juicy good feeling was my Union. It was my joy. It was God. Don’t underestimate the spiritual meaning and purpose present behind an activity that brings you joy and peace - bringing you into your nature. I felt my soul and my original nature when I was on my mat, or in the dance studio or on my walk in the sun. This was my happy place. God was my happy place. God knows my soul’s design. Something I didn’t know at the time was I am meant to follow this good feeling. Thank God for our Beloved Gurus Jeff and Shaleia and their Teachings of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Because of them I know now that that feeling is God. You follow your joy, you follow God and it leads you to your Ultimate Lover in your life. Your Twin Flame. The man, the woman that the Creator has for you in True Love. That inner experience is a Real Reality that God has created specially for you. I did not know then that that was me feeling and getting clear on my Union’s core value — which was health, beauty, peace. It’s good to nurture and grow this within myself on the inside through the Mirror Exercise, in my regular coaching sessions with my Ascension Coach, Carmel. It’s an inner journey that manifested outward in your reality.

I love living life with the Teachings of Union. You are a Twin Flame. You are a Union. And Life was created juicy to be lived as a Union.

Revati ~

(In picture you see, 1. Me about to go for a workout at home after my long journey from college in 2015 lol 2. A FB quiz that was spot on with my desires that I secretly desired in my heart 3.Me before as a teenager feeling so heartbroken, and me after loving myself with the Teachings of HTFU)
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