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Sleep, Rest and all things Joy.

There is a different level of importance of sleep and rest on your Twin Flame journey. All the healing that you have done, need to be digested, integrated. So the pause inbetween is essential. I have been learning that I as a Divine Feminine require a lot of rest and sleep, to be able to be myself. "The Feminine rests into the Masculine" is what Chrissy shared in our most recent MAP Health and Wellness Group Class. That was so relieving. To release any masculine energy that I may be holding onto that makes me go - "go go go", needs to stop. I chose to be myself as a DF. I found a lot of things that were "me" return to me - like yoga, doing my ayurvedic face mask, baked a healthy wheat chocolate cake, slept and fed myself. Most importantly I let go of feeling obligated to do any task, but following what feels good to me - Jeff says this in LPC Class 1. You follow the good feeling. I saw this place I wasn't doing that and I let go of this "world's/ society's mask" with the education system, where it's taught to force yourself to study, strain yourself to complete your homework, etc, and take from yourself. I saw myself doing that throughout my life in order to be "productive" or work. But that's exhausting. I had to trade my joy for me to be able to do those tasks. And that's not following God or the good feeling. I let it all go, and chose my joy. So all those wonderful things I shared above - I could do those this week. That's the way to your Twin Flame Union. Joy and peace. I even saw yoga return to me, and beauty return to me. I chose everything that means a lot to me. What I value a lot is beauty, health, wellness, body care and movement and doing design or any "task" from peace and my soul essence. For my joy only.

Thank you for reading <3



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