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Routine based on God now.

Every day was consistent. And very disciplined. I ate very clean, with my Ayurvedic ways of eating food. I had a particular workout routine everyday for many years during college. It felt good and I felt my strongest I had felt at the time. But it was incomplete. It was all action. Sometimes from self love and sometimes out of “forced discipline”. It lacked real inner nourishment. Now with the Teachings of Harmonious Union, I learn that I NEED love as my foundation. I NEED love as the core of the action. Peace at the core.

So all that I had built on no real foundation, is coming crumbling down. It must be built on God this time. And it happens first on the inside. It’s so revealing to me that that kind of daily routine discipline needs to come from a real place of self nourishment and peace. It must feel good from the inside out. And only start gently living a routine from a place of peace only. So what appeared like I had this strong thing going, came crashing down. And I am allowing it to fall away now and to really see the underlying thing present. Which is - so much starvation and a need to be fed and nourished from the inside. And it needs God now.

And it’s inner work first before taking any action or making any change. Inner healing with the Mirror Exercise about the routine so that I can fill that space up on the inside first. And then the new routine can have a strong solid foundation, upon which I can relax and build upon as I go about living my life. So I am allowing all that upheaval of the temporary leave me, all of the underlying real blocks to real self nourishment be healed from within first. And then take the action that God shows me with each tiny piece in my daily routine like sleep, meal time, body movement time. I am so glad this is happening, it feels very uncomfortable but it is the discomfort leaving me. So God can come here. For good.


Pic: The skies on my regular walks in the sun which I love so much. It means a lot to me.

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