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Presence On The Twin Flame Journey

Presence is being with what is in the now. And giving it your attention, your love. This is a lesson I deeply learn on my Twin Flame Journey. I used to experience presence as a squeezing of my energy, which is essentially controlling my own energy, this is exhausting and burnt me out.

So in my life I saw how each thing I would do, I would experience burn out eventually in that place, because I was doing the same thing with each relationship. In my coaching session with my Ascension Coach, Carmel, I heal this deeply. Presence was in reality - light and easy. Something that is meant to feel peaceful. And like love. Presence is not pressure. Presence is not straining my energy and blasting it to full “love” - this is actually leaking and stems from essentially feeling not enough. When you love yourself here, I know I needed a lot of care and compassion within here- all of what was exhausted needed to be brought back to balance. Balance is peace. Balance is a healthy relationship. So I do not need to overextend myself or squeeze myself. It is okay to be where I am and love from there. And let the love expand from that place. This is a sustainable way of living.

Being present with your heart with each aspect of your life is important on your Twin Flame journey. And feeling your feelings and letting them pass - letting yourself love yourself in these places, so they are at peace. Presence is very grounding and makes you powerful. Presence is the ultimate mastery - as Jeff says.

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