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Patience and compassion on Your Twin Flame Journey.

As you navigate your journey, you must have patience. It is okay. You are healing lifetimes of yourself. And you are an eternal being. Jeff shared once how balance is very important when you choose God. Be in balance and what is your peace to you. You will do your journey organically and holistically. That way you can heal thoroughly and your foundation gets strong and unshakable. So be patient with yourself. Compassion is the best friend of unconditional love is what Jeff and Shaleia share. God knows your soul lessons and you can surrender to God's flow for your life. It is very specific and personal to you. So don't judge yourself looking to other's journeys, you are unique unto yourself. And so is everyone unto themselves. Love yourself and be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with yourself, Beloved.

In Love,
Yours Revati
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