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My Favourite Thing

One Divine thing I love to do is - go for walks on my terrace of my home. The sky is my favourite. It is God. And I feel God communicates Divine visions and my Divine dream life with me there. It is a place that brings me peace and joy of my soul. It means so much to me. Jeff and Shaleia share how certain activities you may love to do and bring so much joy are things you do with God, and something you and Gad share between each other.

I remember as a child the first time I walked to the terrace, and as I walked there was light increasing and I felt the walls looked a little more white and bright - it felt like I felt more God as I walked up the stairs. Ascension. And when I reached, I wouldn't stop looking at the sky and far off lands and trees that was visible at the time. The sunsets were beautiful from there. It brought me a joy that was overflowing in my heart. It makes me so happy. The sky makes me so happy. God makes me so happy. From this place God shares with me the vision and life that was meant for me- it's the same feeling I get when I paint or design or cook or workout. God also shows me specific lifestyle that suits my soul, the "type" that I am. That place shows me the point where to come back to God on the inside, to come back to what bliss and joy is for me - that point of living God on Earth. What does that feel and look like. I see colours that show me this too. And I also see at times when I am away from this place, I carry this place in my heart - because it is a place that resides within me - that home with God. That place of peace. It is always there. within. God is always there, within.



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