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Life With Your Twin Flame Is Normal.

Something I have come to learn and realise on the inside as I heal and purify myself into peace, the more relaxed I am about my Twin Flame Union. The more natural and easy it feels. And that's how it's supposed to be. Your Twin Flame Union is your Home. It's supposed to feel peaceful and like your natural nature. Where you are just you. And you are loved perfectly and unconditionally for being you.

This is the way God created us - with our Twin Flame, it is so innate to us. So much so that Jeff and Shaleia share it's a remembering. And that every HTFU couple will tell you the same thing - that it was always there all along. That brings immense relief to me and I can finally relax. How beautiful, that God created Life exactly how we truly desire deep in our heart of hearts. And now you get to live Life the way God intended it for you originally. It is safe to surrender to Life now. And to your Twin Flame Union. You are at home with your person now.

God Bless your HTFU,
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