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Letting Go Of Your False Self

You let go of anything that feels bad.
You let go of what people said to you about yourself that felt bad.
You let go of fear.
You let go of sadness. (You deserve to be happy.)
You let go of what is not yours. (You keep what your heart desires.)
You let go of self doubt. Suffering.
You let go of settling. (You deserve only God.)
You let go of heartbreak. (You are love, darling! Love.)
You let go of attachment. (The Divine is free and light.)
You let go of being small. (Be all of you -Full you.)
You let go of being numb. (Be alive, feel!)
You let go of pain. (Love is what you need.)

Receive what feels good.
Receive what feels good about you.
Receive love.
Receive joy.
Receive what's yours.
Receive belief in yourself. Thrive, Savour!
Receive Your Ultimate Romance.
Receive Divine Love.
Receive Your Divinity, Your Greatness!
Receive Life and Vigour!
Receive Love.

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