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Importance of Peace on Your Twin Flame Journey

Your Twin Flame Union was created out of peace. Only in peace does your True Self exist. And in being your True Self you attract your Beloved Counterpart into your life.

The foundation to everything is God. A true reality and Life can only stand permanently and eternally when it is built on God, on peace. So when you call in Divine Love, all that is not built upon this foundation will crumble and it is good thing. So now you get to build it on peace, forever. The way to have peace is through purifying your inner world, so your outer world matches the Heaven that already exists. The Mirror Exercise is the Sacred practice that will strengthen you with love and bring you peace. All blocks are an illusion, and only healing them can bring you relief. God desires your relief the most! Peace is relief.

And your own peace is very unique to you. Only you and God know what is so juicy to God about you. So that thing that you love doing, that maybe others don't "get", God loves and highly values it because He is in that thing with you, that you so much enjoy doing. Only on peace can joy be felt and had. So to have real joy that sustains, can be had when you have a foundation of peace. Jeff shares elaborately about this all the time in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.

In peace you are yourself. In peace you have strength. In peace you are unshakable. In peace you are efficient. In peace you are light. In peace you are healthy. In peace you are beautiful. In peace you are wealthy. In peace you are joy, In peace you are Divine. In peace you are One with your Beloved Twin Flame.

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