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Healthy Relationships : A Healthy Reality

Your Twin Flame is a person. So it is a very real physical experience. Not just the "5D". The whole 5D only approach can make you really sick. Many spiritual people can fall into the trap of being really good at spiritual practices but if you have shitty relationship patterns or social behaviours, etc it can really impact your spiritual health. So it is important to look at these things and heal them with the Mirror Exercise. There is God here on Earth, Earth is a Divine experience : meaning you have a real relationship with God in your experience on Earth - so if any place - be it in relationships, friendships, attitudes, approaches, social behaviours/conducts, workplace conducts, etc are out of peace, out of God, you can now compassionately heal them by doing your inner work with the Mirror Exercise back to health, to peace. I really needed to learn this lesson, it is a very real thing. So if I attracted toxic relationships, I had toxic relationship patterns to be healed within myself, and healing them now is huge relief and wave of clean peace. Thank God for my beloved Ascension Coach, Carmel. God Bless her soul.

So when you heal here, you can have God in real living life. So you can live a shared One Life with your Twin Flame for real.

So really choose to heal in a very real, concrete way. Choose now to work with your Ascension Coach diligently to come back to perfect health in every way within yourself. Commit to perfect healing.

In Care,
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