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Healing My Heart : Healing from a False Twin Flame Experience

I had to spend a long time recovering and healing from my False Twin Flame experience because it was so harsh and very abusive, leaving me sensitive and wounded raw. I finally came to one completion point several months ago after consistent coaching sessions with my coach, a revealing of feeling and realising on the inside that this person is a brother in God. And I can let this person finally go and that he was in fact a “nothing” - like as if a stranger and as if that this whole thing never actually happened. That is a miracle to experience! Because to go from the feeling inner experience of being in a toxic abusive relationship to feeling like that did not happen is huge. It confirmed to me that hurt is not real, attack is not real. That only peace remains. That was huge. So here are a few insights from healing from this experience:

1) It was me having a relationship with my True Twin Flame all along. I was always tending to my Union in truth even through this person. Your True Twin Flame is relieving and feels so peaceful to you.

2) I was so afraid of my False Twin Flame. So so so scared of this person. And yet I remained, that was not healthy and that is not love. Love makes you happy nad peaceful. Toxic relationships / self abuse is not love. Fear is not love. Love is love. Love loves you and is actually there for you - filling you up. Relaxing you. Healing my power and strength here was so important. To know respect and contained peace.

3) God reveals the core values the moment you decide and desire to get clear. I was very clear right from the start about some of my core values, and God immediately showed me this person “broke” all core values and deal breakers - he acted up the first time I met him in the physical - it was crystal clear and it was me making excuses and being in denial about any problem even being there. I just projected what I desired onto this person, trying to “make it fit”. True heart’s feelings and intuition about the experience of spending time with this person was the revelation. So listen to the whisper of God.

4) I learned to be patient with myself and to thoroughly apply the Mirror Exercise to each place - and get really really good at doing my inner work.

5) One day, healing through bit by bit over the years, I wept when a fellow TFU community friend asked me “What do you want in a relationship?” “You want him to listen to you, to be a safe place to communicate? Write that in your Love List.” It felt surreal in that moment - that I can actually have what I really desire and what is Good. I wept so much. I couldn’t believe it that little basic things that make a relationship normal and healthy were not met before ever. I wept because I couldn’t believe that there is a man who is safe for me, that I can have the Good Thing. A good man. (I cried writing this again lol)

6) Love is relaxing and I can be myself. With my False Twin Flame I tried so hard to “make it happen” and “put things together”. But with Twin Flames it’s effortless and it’s just there. It just is. Natural, authentic.

7) My heart is rebalancing itself - and changing. So in this place it requires a lot of space to feel my feelings and let it go from the old hurt to change to the new peaceful way that is unfolding. Something my Ascension Coach, Carmel shared with me in my recent session - It’s great to just be going in that direction.

8) My False Twin Flame shared his dreams with me - but they just had the outer covering of my dream, but it was just a label and that’s what was misleading. Your False Twin only appears like your True Twin Flame but are empty and not your person. So for me to feel into what dream God has for me and let it be revealed to me spiritually so there is no question. That revelation happens when you keep doing the Mirror Exercise and only God can show you the Vision to your Dream.

9) When I see my friends in our TFU community who are in Union I feel so grateful - that Union is safe. And that Union is peaceful. That in Union you are actually actually happy.


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