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Healing From Toxic Relationships On The Twin Flame Journey

Here are some things I learnt from my coaching sessions with my Ascension Coach, as I dove deep this past year to really heal from toxic relationships:

1. It’s about your peace. Respect your peace. Healthy relationships add to your peace whereas unhealthy take away your peace. Choose peace.
2. Relationships are a two - way street. Both need to be choosing love for it to be a healthy relationship.
3. You can trust your intuition about a particular person always. Your heart’s inner subtle feeling is right. God’s whisper is right.
4. Do not act against that inner feeling and voice. Do not go against your peace. This is self- betrayal. Instead you need self trust which is built within yourself with your heart and with feeling your feelings and following through with those feelings with the aligned action. Where feeling and action go hand in hand.
5. It’s safe to take your time with your heart - in feeling your feelings and getting really really clear with how anything and everything makes you feel.
6. No person has any power over you no matter how loud, scary, intimidating they may appear or make themselves appear to you - you have full power here to walk away and put a boundary and really love yourself. Love yourself on the inside first so that you can walk away and put a boundary.
7. You will see who chooses God / Love vs ego. Respect the choice of others - stay with relationships and people that make you feel like they are your peace and you feel like you can be yourself around them completely. And who love you. And have strong boundaries with people who disrupt your peace - or don’t choose love as you.
8. Apply the Mirror Exercise, so that you can heal the toxic behaviour you are holding within you. So you know real self love and health.
9. God can heal anything. You are not stuck. There is full power in the spiritual. Always apply the Mirror Exercise whenever you feel bad so that you experience it actually change to a good feeling and peace. Allow the good feeling into your life.
10. Ego/toxicity doesn’t have power over you , you can stop giving it your power and claim your own power back so you are no longer afraid of it. Instead you love yourself and will feel compassion for that soul/s and can let that relationship and energy go. Once you really heal within, you will feel how easy it is to say no to anything that feels bad. You were powerful and free all along. You get be happy and strong now.
11. God has your perfect match - your perfect people - You are only ever having a relationship with God. Go where you are you and are accepted and loved unconditionally. Yes, these people are real. Love is real. Only Love is real. So with the Mirror Exercise, you can now stop making “ego”/ evil/fear real within you so you can have real peace in your heart and life. You can live free and light again. Sunshine is real.

With Love,

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