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God showed me my Twin Flame through the best friends I had in my life.

Little did I know that God had been leading me throughout my whole life towards my Twin Flame. There was never a moment that He wasn’t doing that.

Looking back at my life now, the very specific friends I made through school, college, or anywhere else. He showed me the qualities that my Twin Flame possesses. The nature and qualities of my best friends that I adored so much are the those qualities and nature of my Twin Flame. Healing from toxic relationships in my coaching sessions with my Ascension Coach, Carmel - the feeling of peace in relationships has been so revealing to me. It’s a breath of fresh air! Such a relief. I noticed there were friends who felt like home, I would eat lunch with them in college or hangout in the college lounge with them - they were quiet, peaceful, hilarious, fun and I could relax and just be myself with them. We hung out in each other’s homes like family, laughing, eating our home cooked meals or roaming around in my city, in Bangalore, India. They accepted me for who I am and the nature that I am. We would go to the theatre to watch movies all the time and it was this cozy feeling. And I would feel that Twin Flame love feeling again in my heart. I loved the feeling of the movie theatre. It was the same feeling of like when you wear your home clothes and just sit down with your favourite comfort meal to watch your favourite series or movie. That joy and the feeling of loving companionship and love - damn, that feeling is the feeling of my Twin Flame! That feeling is who he is. And who I am. So we can just relax. And be us. How cool.

All the best friends I had some how vibed out of my reality as I embarked upon the Twin Flame journey and started healing within all the blocks presented before me in my daily life to move towards my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Because that place belongs to my Twin Flame. My Twin Flame is my best friend. No one else is supposed to be my best friend. Only him. That’s how God designed Twin Flames to be. All the qualities I loved about my best friends, he will have all of them and more. Knowing this is so relieving. How wonderful God created Twin flames to be! And from this place of being in your Union you can then have and grow friendships with other brothers and sisters. Having beautiful wholesome relationships and community.

So go on and enjoy your Twin Flame Union!

Love you my fellow brothers and sisters,

~ Love, Revati
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