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God's Unconditional Love and Grace.

To know for real that you are unconditionally loved by God/the Universe/Love is the greatest feeling. It humbles your heart. When you love yourself in that very uncomfortable tricky place within that has a uncomfortable /bad feeling, a block, it's the love and grace of God falling upon that part, healing it. Restoring it to what it was always meant to be and is. That illusion of the block and bad feeling will no longer be present or real within you. You will have God instead, where God always has been. He will love you through your heart. You will know love. And love will soften your heart to All of Life. One person - you - require love the size of the Universe, and that is okay. No matter how much love you need, for how long you need it, that is okay. Your heart is infinite. Because it is One with the Infinite's Heart. Let Him scoop you up and hold you in His palms, you are safe, now. Love is safe. Love is all that is good. Love heals. Only Love is Real.

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