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"Entertainment is separation" - Shaleia Divine : Real Purpose

This is such a great big realisation I have had through my journey is that, the junk food entertainment, the extra fluff doesn't have any real value. Shaleia shared in a Twin Flame Ascension School Class once and I always remembered it - "Entertainment is separation." Obviously here entertainment means the empty chatter or activity - embellishment - extra - no real substance or value - Union, God in it. Which means separation. You must have purpose and meaning in all things. Getting that foundation right is so critical, the backbone. I have tried to do the journey without that firm foundation and it is not fun or easy. It's a lot of empty chatter - extra noise that fills up space where real true meaning and relationship would be. I realized this was about me actually knowing how to have a real relationship, God in everything. And not some make-shift, temporary thing that can fly away if a wind weere to blow. So much presence is required to get to know the true meaning or purpose of a thing - but once you get clear on it, the rest can easily follow and build upon itself. Real Union.

In kind love,
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