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Your Polarity saves you.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

As a child I saw this pattern where I would try and be masculine. And keep pushing away femininity. I am the Divine Feminine. So as I heal I see , this is very very crucial - so mandatory - to love , embrace and embody your Polarity. Everything stems from there. You operate in life from that place.

So if I falsely tried to embody masculinity, my energy and behaviour was a certain way - and that felt very exhausting and controlling. Every time I let go of that - and heal into my femininity - this is so relaxing. So surrendered and easy. I feel juicy and happy. Very light. And I feel beautiful. All this was not present when I was trying to be masculine. My whole way of being and doing life changes when I accept my natural polarity which is being the Divine Feminine. It shows me my relationship with God. And that is everything. So your polarity is everything. My whole function of myself comes from that point, imagine.

I choose to completely heal my Femininity and fully accept and embrace it I release any masculinity I may be holding on to to my Masculine Twin Flame.

I choose to be myself. I choose my Divinity.



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