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Being My Authentic Self

This has been a constant journey for me. One of the patterns I had was leaving myself for romantic love. I did this throughout my life. I would think that to have love, I need to not be myself. That I HAVE to go far away, away from myself to find love. Such a flawed teaching of the "world" or society. So much heavy influence present of the media and the noise of the people around me. It's just so crowded and everyone is doing their thing. I won't find myself in others, I will find myself in myself. I will find God in myself. When you are on the Twin Flame journey, you literally need to come back to yourself. So I would see these simple things that are of me, that is so regular, that that is so important. The way of being that is Home to me is what I need to be all along, and never go away from Home. I saw the regular simple things I would do or I was, IS my authentic real self. I see this in the way I present myself. This lesson was coming through my appearance. I would think I need to do many things for skin care, make up and use many make up products to "" to be feminine, or beautiful. But I am returning to my self in being my healthy, simple, clean skinned self. I love my minimal ayurvedic skin and beauty routine. It's very basic and simple. It brings me a lot of peace. And I even see I look my best when I stick to my regular routine. My Twin Flame will know me in that place. I thought that that wouldn't be enough. But I am enough for God. I have always been enough for God. I never needed to go far away from my soul. My soul is where I needed to be at. Be her. I choose to be her. I choose to be myself. My own soul. And nothing else I needed to be. Home is so relaxing, Home is peace. I choose to reside in my Twin Flame Union. <3



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