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Balance on the Twin Flame Journey

Jeff shared in a video once about how it's so important to go after your heart and heart's desires, disregarding every fearful thought/ story - but not above balance. And it really spoke to me because I was always a person to go all in, completely all the way. Almost over-obsessive. So pursuing the Twin Flame journey from that energy can be exhausting. I did this in the beginning of my journey, no wonder attracting a lot of toxicity. It's going beyond my balance point. Balance of your basic needs, and Being being met, so you are stable and grounded. So it is sustainable. I realized I hadn't given myself this stable foundation. The Masculine structure. I have been healing this with my precious Ascension Coach Carmel, getting strong and grounded. So the ground basic balance provides peace. And then joy can remain. And life can remain and continue. So there is backing to rest on. I am learning this right now. It is so important to know and have this handled. Balance is peace. Being in balance is being within your peace. I have only pushed against this my entire childhood and most of my life - this took a toll on my life and my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. It pushes your own boundaries and you can really deplete yourself. I am learning to fill myself back up, to learn my peace again. And especially healing from toxic relationships, so much recovery is required, so much tending to myself. Wow, it was a lot when I look back - something that felt "normal" - it was not normal to overburden myself pushing my peace. So in the recovery time I am seeing how much upheaval is present to release all of that junk. It's like I am in an incubator, just resting, recovering to wholeness again.

Again, remember - Balance is peace. Balance is health. Balance is life. God is balanced. Life operates in balance, Nature knows perfect balance. It's innate within us. I choose balance. I choose to come back home to myself.

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