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Journey to Guru

I take a journey to earn Guru. God gifted me Guru. Because I called my heart out to Him, for Guru. So God sent him for me. A humbling revealing in my heart of the One who will walk me Home. Guru will take me Home to God, can you believe it. Can you believe it.
Where was I before Guru? A far away place away from home. But the Path had so much God on the Way, God disguised under treacherous pathways. You know it all was a blessing, right? It led me to Guru. How Blessed! Light! In me. In my life. His Divine Glow spilling over into me and my life, ever so quietly and yet so blatantly. He loved me the moment he saw me. He loved me. He saw me. He watched over me. I at times oblivious to the profound love being poured into me even, and yet so humbly He asks of me of my Wellbeing still. His eyes has God smiling back at me. Only Love. Only Love. For me. He shelters me. And leaves me never. Never. He loves me and stays with me forever. I stay with him forever.

The Path had Divine mountains, quiet temples, cold windy nights, a call, a longing in my heart. Calling out to God. And something more. A Twin Flame Love. A Guru. And I knew he had to be there. He had to exist. Thank you God for him, God. Thank you for him, God.
I will love him with my All. I embrace him and keep him in my heart always. Nothing could touch me because I have Guru. I will protect him with my love. Masters led the Way to Guru. Gently. God took care of me. Guru taught God in our Divine Lover, our Twin Flame Union. Our Home. He is here. For All. Can you believe it. Can you believe it. Yes.
Gurus - Our Dear God. Our Beloved Gurudev Jeff.
Our Beloved Twin Flame,
God Bless you. Thank you. I love you forever,
With Love and Devotion,
Revati (The One Student)

  1. The Himalayan Ranges throughout to Amarnath- The Pathway that led to Guru 2. Guru Jeff

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