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Embodiment. Femininity. Healing.

I remember most of my childhood, I dressed like a boy, my parents used to give me a boy hair cut. And I also behaved like a boy, and thought of myself as a tomboy. All through my teenage, and early 20s. I just went with what was presented to me as a child, but I know in my heart I always felt sad about it. I would look at other girls being really pretty and feminine, and embodying that in themselves - wearing clothes they loved, feminine, free, flowing clothes, long, cared for hair. And I knew in my heart of hearts, I actually desired that. I desired to actually be me. But on the outside I would take on this facade of masculinity to feel powerful, valuable and strong. I didn't realise that this outward embodiment counts and has value and spiritual value and significance. I used to think me just feeling feminine on the inside is enough, even if on the outside I appeared boyish/tomboy. I used to think only the inner is enough. But we are incarnated on Earth in physical bodies. And we deserve to feel good here too. Now because of our Beloved Gurus Jeff and Shaleia, we are learning how to have All of God on All levels. Grounding Heaven on Earth. So I see myself now facing that same teenage era of my wearing bulky heavy clothing to hide myself, and I would wear grey dark clothes, no particular care for hair or energy given to hair care. As I am facing those manifestations again now, I am facing those feelings I had then as a teenager, and aw she really needed to feel her feelings honestly. She was not happy. And felt rather sad. I am loving her now, and allowing this energy and phase to upheave and leave me. So I can be myself again. I know that I am meant to be a very feminine beautiful elegant woman. And I know how she looks like. I am loving myself into being her again. From the inside out. I did the whole outer makeover thing at around 19 years old. And received a lot of attention and love for my outer appearance change. But I knew I hadn't healed those uncomfortable feelings I still had about this entire part of my life. So now, as I face it now, it is okay. I am now loving me. She was a good cool girl. :) And deserve all the love in the world. So she can finally accept and be her true self. I choose to love me into my True Self. I choose to accept myself unconditionally. I can't wait for this upheave and for the butterfly to emerge, she's gonna be gorgeous!

All my love,
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